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We recommend that you make a booking. This way you will be assigned to a departure time and will depart on the course upon reaching Forest Adventure.

Without a booking, you will have to wait for the next available slot which could be up to an 1hr wait at busy times.

If you cannot find a suitable timing or got yourself all tangled up, don't despair - call us on 8100 7420

If you already have a booking and have not received your confirmation, you can either request a resend or call us at 8100 7420 for additional assistance.

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Safety brief is for a maximum of 16 pax on the Grand Course and Junior Course and 10 for the Kids Course. This is to ensure that the course is not over-crowded, providing a great experience for all.

The booking system is live hence if the timing you are looking for does not appear on the screen, it means that it is not available.

It is very unlikely that we will be able to switch your booking from one course to another i.e. from Junior Course to Kids Course. Kindly ensure you are booking into the course that is right for you and your group.

If you are booking for a group of 16 pax and above, please contact us on Please note that you will be required to make a prepayment when you book for 10 pax and above.

If you cannot find a suitable timing or got yourself all tangled up, don't despair - call us on 8100 7420.

Select time Spaces available Grand Course Junior Course Kids Course
  9:30AM 10 Full x
  10:30AM 16
  11:00AM 24
  11:30AM 23
  12:00PM 24
  12:30PM 26
  1:00PM 26
  2:00PM 20
  2:30PM 26
  3:00PM 17
  3:30PM 11
  4:00PM 11
  4:30PM 26 x
  5:00PM 24 x

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4. Thank you for booking an adventure, kindly read through and agree to our conditions of participation before we confirm your booking.

The time you have been given is the start of your compulsory safety briefing. Prior to departing on the course you will need to register, sign your disclaimer form and make payment. Safety briefings are at 30 minute intervals, if you miss the start of the brief, we will move your booking to the next available slots subject to availability. You should aim at being here 10 minutes before your booking time.

For safety reason, we will not allow on the courses children that do not meet the height requirement. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you measure your children and ensure they are at least:

  • 1.1m for the Kids Course
  • 1.35m for the Junior Course and
  • 1.5m for the Grand Course.

Children below 7 on the Kids Course, below 10 on the Junior Course and below 12 on the Grand Course must be accompanied by an adult or a buddy aged 14 and above. Maximum one buddy for 3 children.

All participants (including parents accompanying their children on the course) MUST wear fully covered sport shoes. For safety reasons, sandals (including sport sandals) or loose fitted shoes (including Crocs) are not deemed adequate and will not be allowed on the course.

 I have read and understood the Forest Adventure's conditions of participation.
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